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Compare the Benefits

In addition to a bargain basement price, here are 21 additional educational benefits offered by King's Way Classical Academy -- a combination of powerful ingredients you won't find anywhere else, to help your children develop their full potential under God:

  • A classical, Christian education at home -- without the hassle.
  • Nominally priced introductory courses permit you to sample the program without significant financial risk.
  • 22 self-taught, self-graded, mostly on-line courses provide the rudiments of a classical, Christian education, within the price range of virtually every family.
  • Families desiring to augment other programs with individual courses may do so – educational shopping center.
  • On-line, discussion format in upper-division courses encourages integration of knowledge.
  • A Biblical evaluation of the classics, instead of the "classical synthesis" that has plagued the church for two millennia.
  • Junior high and high school Diploma Programs for only $500 annual tuition.
  • An on-line portfolio of student progress that minimizes home school record keeping.
  • In-depth transcripting and testing option for students aiming for top-tier colleges. Better yet, is dual credit program for the Biblical Concourse and other select Christian colleges. This is the Biblical alternative to the decadent and outrageously expensive American college system.
  • Representative figures and their "schools of thought" are studied in history, economics, art, music, etc. -- the so-called "Great Man" approach to historical studies.
  • Traces philosophical roots of the U.S. Constitution in classical history.
  • Shakespearean studies.
  • Explores prophetic and aesthetic role of the arts.
  • Proven math and science programs utilizing Saxon and Apologia materials.
  • Student learns to think and express his thinking as a major emphasis of classical education.
  • Student develops an integrated Biblical worldview, beyond just mastering a group of isolated subjects.
  • Biblical studies alternating with, and complementing classical studies
  • Student prepares for life and leadership, not just making a living.
  • Choice of "scientific track" or "business track" in senior year math.
  • Senior level practicum/seminar integrates great books study program and ushers student into "real world" with live debates and community projects.
  • Islamic seminar prepares the Christian student to meet the Islamic challenge with practical evangelism tools
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