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And thank you for your interest in our school.  I have 3 special free gifts prepared for you just for taking the time to check us out. I want you to be able to "kick the tires" and be absolutely certain that  a Classical Christian education is the best approach for your child.

These free gifts have been carefully selected to equip you with the additional information you'll need to move forward with confidence.  It is my pleasure to rush these 3 bonus gifts to you immediately when you click the Submit button below.


Don't Let Your Child Miss Out On

The Benefits Of A Classical Christian Education

FREE BONUS GIFT #1:  First is an 8-lesson e-course that answers the question, "What Is Classical Christian Education?"  You may be completely new to the subject or you may have specific technical questions, like....
  • Isn't "Classical-Christian" an oxymoron?
  • What makes Classical education different?
  • What makes Christian education different? 
  • Aren't the classics spiritually dangerous for Christians?

Either way this course is for you.  It is designed to equip you with an overview of the subject while it addresses the details of why this is a superior approach to education for nearly every child.

Upon completion of this course you'll know exactly why public school students long for the training provided by a Classical, Christian education.  These are the very things that John Dewey purged out of the government school system over a century ago.

FREE BONUS GIFT #2:  Second, speaking of public education, we want to rush you our special free report concerning the dangers of government schooling.  This report is titled "One More Generation to go and Then The End."  It explains the subtle, but powerful influences that secular, government education brings to bear on your child's Biblical worldview.  Everybody thinks "our public school is different," but it just ain't so.

4 Ways The Public Schools

Are Warping Your Child's Mind


Dan Smithwick has tested the Biblical worldview of thousands of Christian kids in public schools, Christian schools, home schools and classical Christian schools for almost 20 years.  His PEERS test measures a student's Biblical worldview by their beliefs about Politics, Economics, Education, Religion, and Social issues.

Twenty years of worldview testing are stark testimony to the fact that even the best public schools will devastate your child's Biblical worldview.  In fact, the better the school is from a technical standpoint, the more effective it is at undermining your child's faith.  It's like taking sugar-coated poison pills.  The truth sometimes hurts, but if you're a Christian parent I know that you are willing to do what's right for the sake of your children.  This report will help you do that very thing.

FREE BONUS GIFT #3  And third, a free monthly newsletter – Classical Reflections -- that provides you with thoughtful Biblical analysis of current events and the latest developments in the field of education.  You'll learn about all the benefits of the classical approach. 

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning

Not only is classical education rich in content, but it equips your children with the lost tools of learning.  Tools like logic and rhetoric and knowledge of the classics that will put them a step ahead of the pack for the rest of their lives. 

With "Classical Reflections" you'll also have exclusive access to a catalog of Special Reports on the crisis in government education, and the classical alternative. These Reports have been specially prepared by authorities such as Christine Field, Sr. Correspondent Old Schoolhouse Magazine; Dr. Jay Wile, Author of Apologia Science Textbook Series; and Larry Pratt, President of Gun owners of America. 

These Reports are not available from any other source. They'll give you insider knowledge on the latest trends and issues in the world of home schooling and classical, Christian education. 

Who is Classical Reflections written for?  People like you!

·  Parents who want the very best education for their children.

·  Homeschool moms who mistakenly believe the classical approach is too difficult for them.

·  Christian schools who desire to add a classical emphasis.

·  Students who are searching for the "lost tools of learning."


All 3 of these free gifts are yours for the asking by simply clicking on the "Submit" button below. 

Sincerely In Christ,


Dennis Oliver Woods

Headmaster at Kings Way


What Is Classical Christian Education?
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Thank you very much!  I'm confident that you'll enjoy every minute you spend pouring over this valuable information.  Now go check your inbox! 

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