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The King's Way "$500-Tuition" program is ideal for the home school family with children from pre-school through high school.  Junior high and high school students may be enrolled in the online academy, leaving mom free to focus on education of the younger children.  The program is also ideal for Christian families who have been led of God to remove their children from public schools, but cannot afford the typical Christian school.   

This online classical Christian program places strong emphasis on worldview training via analysis of the classics in light of the Bible and Biblical law.  It explores how theological and philosophical streams that emerged from the classical literature influenced the founding of America and the U.S. Constitution.  Strong emphasis is placed on analytical thinking and persuasion skills. 

Five courses per semester are taught by live instructors online, including the standard math, science, and language arts.  Unique to the classical approach are courses in Latin, logic, rhetoric and study of the Great Books.  The latter are analyzed critically through a Biblical lens in the study of world history, literature, philosophy and theology.  An additional elective course may be taken each term at standard rates, either from Kings Way or another source.   

The King's Way diploma is earned via a unique accreditation protocol as an alternative to the lack of educational quality and doctrinal deterioration associated with traditional programs of institutional accreditation.  The latter have destroyed even the elite "Ivy League" schools most of which were founded originally to train Christian pastors.  At King's Way every child is accredited by a local review committee according to the Biblical pattern of Christian discipleship.   This requires parental involvement, but not so much that you'll be overwhelmed.

Annual tuition is only $500!  The only fees are a $25 registration fee and $75 technology fee per semester.  Payment may be made in one lump sum or payment arrangements made via PayPal at $175 spread over four months or $70 spread over 10 months.

Four Great Bonus Gifts

If You'll Enroll Now -- Absolutely Free!

 These free gifts have been carefully selected to equip you with the additional information you'll need to move forward with confidence. If you'll enroll today, we'll rush these 4 bonuses to you immediately.

Free Bonus Gift #1:  A Special Report by Dan Smithwick of the Nehemiah Institute on the tragic results of public education on America's youth and culture.  This report is entitled "One Generation To Go And Then The End."  Smithwick has tested the Biblical worldview of thousands of Christian kids in public schools, Christian schools, home schools and classical Christian schools for almost 20 years.  His PEERS test measures a student's Biblical worldview by their beliefs about Politics, Economics, Education, Religion, and Social issues.

Dan Smithwick, author of the PEERS test, had this to say about King's Way worldview training:

Testing and training are the two indispensable tools for rebuilding a Biblical worldview.  An ongoing program of generalized worldview training is essential.  To accomplish that I usually recommend aspects of the classical approach, even for schools that have not fully adopted the classical model.  Students educated by the classical, Christian approach consistently score highest on my PEERS worldview test.  The classical/Christian books and courses offered by King's Way Classical Academy Online are unique in the field.  Their Biblical analysis of the Classics is the best I've seen.  Students emerge from this training with a solid Christian worldview

Free Bonus Gift #2: A free PEERS test session for you, or preferably for your child.  I want you to know exactly where your child stands in terms of their Biblical world view thinking. By establishing a benchmark with a PEERS pre-test before embarking on their classical training, you'll be able to measure progress along the way. It is impossible to place a price tag on the information provided by this diagnostic tool, but I want you to have it absolutely free. Results from the PEERS test will help us work together with you to design the ideal program for your child.

Free Bonus Gift #3:  A free e-course entitled "What Is Classical Christian Education?"  If you've been wondering exactly what it is about a classical, Christian education that is so unique, this course will answer all of your questions. 

Free Bonus Gift #4:  A free monthly newsletter – Classical Reflections -- that provides you with thoughtful Biblical analysis of current events and the latest developments in the field of education.  You'll learn about all the benefits of the classical approach. 

We're Taking All The Risk On Our Shoulders

Even though we've made every effort to cut our tuition to the lowest possible level, we know that $500 is still a lot of money for a lot of people.  Especially, in these hard times, $500 is not easy to come by.  And we respect the fact that you are willing to place your confidence in King's Way and our dedicated staff to the extent of entrusting a portion of your child's education to our care. That is a sacred trust that we do not take lightly.

Try us for a full two months.  If after that time, you are not delighted with the quality of education and progress of your child's character development, simply ask and we will refund all of your payments to date.  All of the Free Bonus Gifts will be yours to keep.  



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