The Ultimate Solution to America’s Moral, Cultural, and Political Crisis

A biblical worldview that’s different from anything you’ve ever heard before…


You know it and I know it: America is just about “finished”…

Leave it all up TO the politicians, and we’re SUNK.

There’s no time to kid around anymore. We’re past the point of no return IF we keep using the “same old, same old” strategies and techniques that we’ve been using for over a CENTURY now.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about “had it up to here” with how our nation has been deliberately ruined by tyrants and despots out for their own greedy, selfish agendas.

Yes, we all know what the problems are. So I won’t go into the “laundry list” or “rant” about how “awful” things are today.


What The Founding Fathers Weren’t Telling Us.

Instead, I want to take you down a different path and show you what the REAL SOLUTION is to all our problems.

It’s a solution you’ve probably never heard of before, and therefore never even considered it.

You simply haven’t known about it. And you simply have never been TOLD about it.

But it’s a solution that’s right inside a very important book that I’m sure you’re familiar with. That's because the Founding Fathers left this one critical ingredient out of the U.S. Constitution. Once you see it you'll never be fooled again by fast-talking politicians or slick professors

You no doubt have one IN your house – perhaps close by, right now.

The solution is in the BIBLE… and yes – what we NEED is spelled out precisely in God’s Word.

“I’m not talking about prayer! If you’re not doing what my book talks about even your prayers are an abomination to God – no matter how sincere.”

We simply must “listen” to God for once – and actually DO what He tells us to do!

If we did, the world would change UPSIDE DOWN.

It would be like one of the Psalms that says, “He pulled the mountains out by their roots and turned them upside down.”

The good thing is that, turning the world “upside down” right now REALLY means we’d be turning it RIGHT-SIDE UP!


Warning: Constitutional Meltdown Approaching

It’s ALREADY “upside-down”…!

Everywhere you look, everything is upside-down!

I’m sorry. I promised I wouldn’t go on a “rant” – so I’ll stop.

But you know it and I know it – the world IS “upside-down” right now!

However, no one is being told how to “right” it.

Until now…


The Shocking Truth About The U.S. Constitution

I’ve written a book – actually, GOD wrote “THE” Book (the Bible), and I’m merely using the KEY parts of it that SPELL OUT exactly what we should be doing in order to achieve a NEW era of CIVIL RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE on earth… rather than the “h___-on-earth” we’re currently experiencing.No, I’m not a prophet. I don’t claim that God is speaking to me in any special way.

What I definitely AM claiming, though, is that if we DON’T follow the PRECISE RECIPE that God gave us in the Bible for how to conduct human affairs – even in a complex society as we have today – we will have even MORE “h___ to pay” in the coming years!

If you’re like me, you don’t want to see that happen. I have children and I’m not about to stand idly by and let them live under some godless, soul-less, materialistic PRISON SYSTEM – worse than Communism – run by tyrants who call themselves the “The New World Order”!

That’s what will happen in less than a decade if we don’t DO something RADICAL right now.

If you feel the same way, I want you to do yourself a BIG favor.

I want you to go ahead and order a copy of my new book, “The Book of the Covenant”.

It’s an e-book, so you can download it and read it right away. It compares the U.S. Constitution with the Bible -- you're going to be shocked speechless by what this comparison shows you. But once you see it, you'll understand the secret reason why Christians never seem to get any traction in the culture-wars.

It’s not even very long. A mere 160 pages.

In fact, that’s why I’m selling it for only $12.

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And the more people who actually READ it, the more the ideas it contains will get TALKED ABOUT and DEBATED and even ACTED UPON in the very near future.

We don’t have much time left, I’ll tell you that.

So I urge you to purchase and download a copy of my new book, “The Book of the Covenant” right now, while it’s on your mind.

This book will open your eyes, blow you away, and get you to think about things in a way you NEVER were taught to think about them before.

I guarantee THAT, for sure.

So click here to order your very own copy of my new e-book that explains…

The Ultimate Solution to America’s Moral, Cultural, and Political Crisis

You’ll be glad you did!

Even if we don’t agree, you’ll agree that this is ONE concept that should not be ignored or swept under the rug.

After reading it, please write to me with your feedback.

But remember: The clock is ticking for America AND the world.

Will you be one who DOES something, rather than just TALKING about it?

Read my book, and we’ll find out…

Best regards

Dennis Oliver Woods

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