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Core Skills
Offered only in the summertime, Core Skills covers four "core" subjects. Subjects of study include English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Several study skills and essential tools for success will also be covered. Every week students will study the foundations to that covered subject. As every King's Way course, the word of God and the Bible is woven into each lesson.
It is absolutely necessary for students to have a class where time is allotted to brush up on basic skills essential for success.

In Essentials, students are required to complete weekly assignments which build on basic skills and provide an experience to continue strengthening knowledge.

While gaining new skills and strengthening current, we test our students in this course. Each lesson is used to track which subjects and topics students excel on. We also note which areas students are struggling, and work to implement these activities into other classes.

King's Way Classical Academy is a premier online school for Christian students. To continue improving together as a school, this class is fundamental.
Test Course
Test Course
Shurley Grammar: Premier
Cost: $175.00
Competent writing begins with understanding correct sentence structure,
expands to paragraphs, and results in the enjoyment and satisfaction of
well-written essays, reports, and letters. Traditional approaches to
English sometimes don't work because the skills students are expected to
learn and use are taught in isolation with only sporadic practice throughout
the year.

The Shurley program reaches children with different learning abilities,
instills a love of learning, and gives students a solid foundation from
which to build advanced writing. The method develops in students a
tremendous sense of security and self-confidence in their ability in
English, which carries over into other areas of their lives. This curriculum
can open nearly unlimited learning potential for every student.

It is based on the belief that all students can be successful writers and
communicators. Parts of speech are taught in the context of good writing
and mastered by the use of jingles. Jingles are presented in a simple,
easy-to-use format that can be sung or chanted by students. Rhythm, rhyme,
and movement are effective ways to learn and retain both new and old
information. Jingles help students begin the writing process by teaching
them the definitions for the eight parts of speech. These definitions help
students learn the vocabulary necessary for understanding basic sentence

a.. Tuition Level: Premier
b.. Stage of Trivium: Grammar
c.. Mode of Instruction: Synchronous
d.. Suggested Grade Level: 6th-8th grades
e.. Offered: Fall, 2011
f.. Required Textbook: Shurley English 6 Student Workbook and Practice Booklet
Gender Studies: Premier
Cost: $175.00
Does gender have meaning? In a relativistic culture that is constantly
equating male and female, learn in this study that the innate differences
between men and women call back to God and utter mysteries laid at the
foundation of the world. What does it mean that God's image is expressed in
both male and female? How can two seemingly contradictory truths still both
be equally true? Start on this journey from Creation and discover God's
purpose in creating Man male and female.

a. Tuition Level: Premier
b. Stage of Trivium: Grammar
c. Mode of Instruction: Synchronous
d. Suggested Grade Level: 10th grade
e. Offered: Fall, 2011
f. Required Textbook: Gender Studies With Biblical Worldview
Introductory Spanish: Premier
Cost: $175.00
English-speaking travelers to Spanish-speaking countries or cultures are suddenly faced with the realization that they need fundamental language skills to engage in the most basic of social interactions. If you've ever faced such a situation, in-country or out, this course is for you. This introductory Spanish course covers vocabulary, usage and patterns of speech in the Spanish language. Vocabulary emphasis is on common terms used in everyday life and typical living situations. Students gain introductory conversational skills and are equipped to function at a basic level in Spanish culture. Drill is an important component, but there is heavy emphasis on practice as the key to imprinting the language in the mind and on the tongue.

a.. Tuition Level: Premier
b.. Stage of Trivium: Grammar
c.. Mode of Instruction: Synchronous
d.. Suggested Grade Level: 9th grade
e. Offered: Fall 2011
f. Required Textbook: Spanish One, bob Jones 2nd Edition. Text and Student Activities pages.
Marine Biology: Premier
Cost: $175.00
From the rivers and streams to the mighty ocean, God filled the Earth's
waters with animals great and small. Upon His word, enormous whales sprung
into being. At His command, billions of plankton leapt to life. On that day,
millions of creatures like the strapping sea turtles, the skulking sharks,
the delightful dolphins, and the soaring squid gladly joined their fellow
sea animals. Strong swimming bass traveled the rivers past the creeping
crayfish and the sluggardly snails. How joyously crammed with excitement was
the fifth day of Earth's existence!

Apologia's Marine Biology book will take you and your family on an
exploration into the wonders of the swimming creatures made on the fifth day
of creation. You'll begin with a big splash from the whales and dolphins,
then spy on seals and meet manatees before swimming with the sea turtles,
snakes, and salamanders. You'll even peek in on the primeval plesiosaurus
and its pals.

From the microscopic to massive, no stone is left unturned in our passage
through the waters of the world. The creatures studied will come to life as
students creates replicas of them and adds them to their "Ocean Box" - a
miniature hand-crafted aquarium. As always, each lesson ends with an
experiment or project reinforcing the scientific method and the concepts
studied. No matter how near or far you live from the ocean, students will
wonder at God's designs in the amazing aquatic animals He formed on the
fifth day.

a.. Tuition Level: Premier ($)
b.. Stage of Trivium: Dialectic & Rhetoric
c.. Mode of Instruction: Synchronous
d.. Suggested Grade Level: 10-12, Biology prerequisite
e.. Offered: Fall, 2011
f.. Required Textbook: Exploring Creation With Marine Biology
Outside The Lines: Premier
Cost: $175.00
Worldview scores of Christian children in government schools has dropped every year for the past twenty years, a trend that threatens Western civilization. This course fights back with advanced Biblical worldview training. Students identify non-Christian worldviews influencing thought in modern America and the West. Learn to evaluate these systems of thought from a Biblical perspective and trace their influence on specific social pathologies. Biblical alternatives to each non-Christian philosophy are examined and students learn to respond to typical real-world situations from the perspective of God's Word. You've heard the expression "thinking outside the box". In this course the box is redrawn with lines of Biblical thought that challenge the imagination and take every unbelieving system of thought captive to Christ.

a.. Tuition Level: Premier
b.. Stage of Trivium: Grammar
c.. Mode of Instruction: Synchronous
d.. Suggested Grade Level: 7th or 8th grade
e.. Offered: Fall, 2011
f.. Required Textbook: None
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