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World's First Online Classical Christian Academy!

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Old School Teaching/New School Technology

King's Way Classical Academy presents a curriculum of over 60 courses, focusing on critical thinking and communication skills. At each stage students work to master these key disciplines, which have been expunged from the government schools. The King's Way curriculum sets the new benchmark for a classical education, steeped in the living Word of God. The Bible is not just an add-on -- it is woven into the fabric of every course. King's Way employs a variety of powerful technologies to integrate the classical trivium into the contemporary curriculum. We strive to train young people with a wisdom like that of the good kings of ancient Judah, based on application of the law of God to every aspect of life.

" Students may purchase individual courses or enroll in the $1,000 Diploma Program. The Program has 5 courses per semester with live online instruction. Students may graduate with a Minor (e.g., Business, Languages, Math, Government) using Elective Courses."

-Anthony King, Adviser

Baby Bunny Goes To Public School

Call today! Let's discuss how the Academy can help you equip your student as a disciple.

For Grades 7-12!

Lock In Your Seat Now for 2017-2018, Reserved For 5-Days Pending $290 Deposit. Enroll Now In The $1,000 Annual Tuition Program .

Course Descriptions / Go To Course Material

Getting Started - 3 Simple Steps to Help You Get Started3 Courses
School Partners - Explore Partnership Opportunities2 Courses
Biblical Studies - Explore the Mysteries of God's Holy Word10 Courses
The Great Books - Meet 100 of History's Most Influential Thinkers18 Courses
Grammar - Build Your Vocabulary: The #2 Predictor of Success8 Courses
Dialectic - Learn to Think Logically and Avoid Media Manipulation4 Courses
Rhetoric - Speak to Command Attention and Move Multitudes12 Courses
Performing & Fine Arts - Master the Symbols of Communication10 Courses
Natural Sciences - Marvel at the Glory of God in Creation26 Courses
Mathematics - Decipher the Hidden Code of Creation16 Courses
Electives8 Courses


  1. Click here to enter the King’s Way time Machine. Once inside, please be seated, fasten your seat belt and relax.

  2. Breath deeply. The entire panorama of the space-time continuum will open before you and you will then be able to travel from century to century or into any historical era of your choice.

  3. Do not panic! Many others have made this same journey before you and all have returned safely. Just follow the simple instructions on the dashboard in front of you. Do not at any time step outside of the Time Machine.

  4. Upon entry into an era or century of your choice the craft will decelerate and you will be presented with an array of events and key historical figures common to that era. The lives of individuals will appear on the screen in front of you as bars of various lengths representing their life span. The bars are color coded based on their life work.

  5. You will be permitted to zoom in on the life of any of these individuals. As you perform this maneuver you will become conscience of many facts about the individual. This special knowledge will give you a certain power, so we request that you treat each of them with respect and do not abuse this power. (Note: many have found this knowledge useful for integrating the various courses of study at King’s Way Classical Academy.)

  6. You will have the sensation of hovering above the individual. They will be unaware of your presence and will be unable to respond to you. Please do not speak to them or do anything else that might inadvertently alter the course of past history. You are only permitted to use this special knowledge to alter the future for good and to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. Any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

  7. This knowledge will stick with you and accompany you after you return to the present and exit from the Time Machine. Please do not abuse this privilege or violate the sacred trust of others who have made this journey before you. You may use this Time Machine to visit the past as often as you wish, but only from this launch site. Save the URL co-ordinates that appear in the window at the top of this page.

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